Angry ‘sugar mommy’ purposely crashes BMW into man’s home and cars, accuses him of being a prostitute

A Thai TikTok person posted a video of an angry “sugar mommy” crashing her BMW sedan into his home and automobiles after she accused him of being a prostitute. The TiKToker Nat Thanapong shared the video two days in the past.
The video shows the BMW sedan repeatedly crashing into Nat’s black fence at the front of his home until the fence is destroyed. The lady BMW driver additionally damaged Nat’s Honda and Mercedes Benz sedans parked behind the fence.
The video caption said…
“Testing! How robust the BMW is!”
Although the BMW solely confirmed minor damage, the Honda sedan’s rear was severely distorted, and the Mercedes Benz’s logo and registration plate have been additionally affected. In Bona fide , Nat was seen displaying his face and giving a two-finger gesture, suggesting that the injury brought on to his property did not trouble him.
The clip has amassed over 260,000 likes and nearly 2,000 feedback from Thai netizens. While some accused Nat of staging the occasion to gain attention, others got here to his defence, citing the price of a Mercedes Benz and how unlikely it was for someone to destroy it for amusement.
Although Nat didn’t elaborate on the incident in his post, he did respond to some inquiries from Thai netizens. He revealed that his home was situated in Bangkok’s Ram Kham Haeng neighbourhood and that the driver of the BMW was a woman who had a dispute with him over a prostitution accusation. Nat claimed that the lady persistently treated him like a prostitute.
Nat stated within the comment…
“I will reveal the full particulars of the problem later. Do not laugh at me, the explanation for this concern is humorous. She accused me of being a prostitute. Bizarre am not, and I am not happy with that. She acts like a sugar mommy and tried to buy me.”
KhaoSod reported that they tried to contact Nat to realize more details concerning the incident but to no avail..

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