Indian bride rejects groom at marriage ceremony after discovering his bald fact

A wedding ceremony in India was cancelled after the bride found the groom’s baldness during the ceremony, causing her to faint mid-event. Following her recovery, she demanded the wedding be referred to as off, sparking disputes between each households.
The incident occurred in India on February 23, 2023, as the groom and his household visited the bride’s home for the marriage ceremony. As the event unfolded, the bride noticed the groom’s confused expression and his constant readjusting of a giant wig. After confronting the groom’s household, she discovered the truth about his baldness.
Astounded, the bride approached the groom and discreetly examined his hair. Upon discovering the fact, she fainted in shock, alarming the guests. Once revived, Classified was to call off the wedding instantly, regardless of attempts from family members to steer her otherwise. The bride insisted she would not marry a bald man underneath any circumstances.
Subsequently, a heated argument broke out between the 2 families. However, the groom and his household have been ultimately left empty-handed. Both parties later visited their local police station, with the groom’s aspect reporting the incident, and the bride’s household accusing the groom and his parents of deception.
Police officers told the media that the bride was not prepared for married life after seeing the groom’s wig. Although either side filed complaints, household elders ultimately settled the matter. The police said, “They filed complaints, but in the end, both parties withdrew their complaints and resolved the difficulty on the family degree.”

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