Phuket’s narcotic crackdown: Two arrested with meth, heroin in Pa Khlok

Within the scope of the continuing narcotic crackdown spearheaded by Thalang Police of Phuket, two folks have been arrested, one carrying greater than 700 methamphetamine drugs colloquially generally known as Yaba, crystal meth (ya ice), and a small volume of heroin.
Nikhom, generally known as Nas, a 45 12 months previous resident of Phang Nga, was apprehended yesterday in a rented establishment in Moo 9, Pa Khlok. Printable had on his particular person 770 Yaba tablets, together with thirteen.61 grammes of ya ice and varied drug paraphernalia; additionally, one Oppo cellular phone was confiscated on the time of his arrest. The police stories point out that Nikhom was apprehended due to the illegal possession of a Category 1 narcotic with the intent of unauthorised distribution, which poses a threat to society by selling drug use.
Alongside Nikhom, Thanawut Plaekrit, a 32 12 months old man registered as a resident of Moo four, Mai Khao, was also detained yesterday. He was arrested in entrance of a rented lodging inside the similar precinct of Moo 9, Pa Khlok. Upon his arrest, Thanawut was discovered carrying 0.08 grammes of heroin, as per the report from Thalang Police. His arrest was on the charges of possession of a category 1 narcotic (heroin) for unauthorised use.
Subsequent to their arrest, both Nikhom and Thanawut were escorted to Thalang Police Station to formalise the arrest procedures.
DNA samples of the suspects have been extracted and are to be included in the police database, as reported by Thalang Police..

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