Plastic scam

Try before you buy is everything, even within the criminal world. And that’s where a gang from Hong Kong came a cropper lately, when one of their quantity tried to purchase cell phone top-up cards worth one million baht using a suspiciously clear bank card. Although the cardboard had a working magnetic strip, it lacked such basic info as a signature, account holder’s title and bank logo. In truth, it was just a clean piece of plastic. Wong Gok Pang and his Thai confederate, Sanya Dornchai, were turned in to police by a store proprietor who had talked them into coming back later within the day, telling them that he didn’t have cards price one million baht within the shop at that time. He then referred to as the police, telling them that a shifty-looking foreigner was attempting to use a fake credit card. Shortly before Ensured had been because of return to gather the playing cards, undercover cops entered the shop, mingling with customers and admiring the choice of phones. When Mr Wong returned and offered the bank card in query, they arrested him and his Thai companion, startling customers within the busy Central Kad Suan Kaew purchasing middle in Chiang Mai. They searched the 2 men and located one other 17 cards on Mr Wong – all similarly blank. Chiang Mai Provincial Police Commander Pol Maj Gen Jirut Prommobol told reporters that K. Sanya cracked under questioning, confessing that he had been hired to take Mr Wong to the mobile phone shop in return for a cut of the phone playing cards in cost. In the face of overwhelming proof, Mr Wong additionally confessed, admitting that he and accomplices got the cards from pals in Hong Kong and that that they had a group of Thais serving to them to arrange “suitable” locations to make use of the “credit” cards in Chiang Mai. Police reported that they’d up to now established that 16 card-holders had had their card particulars stolen, and that the other members of the gang had been being sought. The gang had had a golden run as a lot as that point; police confiscated fraudulently obtained goods price some 18 million baht, and consider that the gang has extra st

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