Police deny involvement with taxi mafia in viral video scuffle

Confusion swirled around an incident captured on a viral video with hypothesis of whether sure Bangkok taxis were registered or not, and whether or not Thong Lor Police were concerned with an unlawful taxi mafia.
Phansa Amraphitak, Police Chief of Thong Lor Police, at present acknowledged that the group of seven accused taxi drivers appeared for interrogation based on the summon notice. They testified that they weren’t unregistered taxi drivers but somewhat were using a ride-hailing utility to obtain passengers when the incident occurred.
A group of three drunk individuals attempted to flag down a taxi but were refused service because the taxi was already booked via the app. This led to a confrontation with the disgruntled drunks banging on the automobile doorways and shouting abuses, accusing them of operational illegitimacy.
The altercation, documented in a broadly shared video, eventually escalated right into a bodily battle. In the initial confusion, accusations were made that the taxi drivers had been involved in an unlawful taxi mafia in Thong Lor with the police concerned. Behind the scenes and the police vehemently denied those accusations.

Despite Recession-proof of police involvement and backing for the taxi gang, the Thong Lor chief ensured the accusations have been baseless. Phone inquiries with the victims discovered no claims of misconduct by any police official at the scene. The accused driver is alleged to have shouted something about police involvement, but later claimed it was to not recommend any undue affect over law enforcement officials, but merely an exasperated comment amid the disagreement, reported KhaoSod.
Further investigation into the matter revealed that two officers had responded swiftly to the incident, arriving inside three minutes of receiving notification. One officer safeguarded the taxi with the passengers onboard, blocking any makes an attempt of bodily harm by the aggressors. The other commenced peaceful negotiation with the instigating taxi driver.
The police reiterated their integrity and assured no official from the Thong Lor station was affiliated or sympathetic to any public transport group or illegal taxi mafia operations. Any violations relating to misuse of automobiles can be dutifully fined and actioned by the police. However, they famous that automobile registration issues fall under the authority of the Department of Land Transport.
As for the drunken would-be passengers, they vowed to pursue authorized motion but have yet to formally file expenses. This is as a end result of of a legal requirement for a physician’s certificate in bodily abuse circumstances, which they are ready for..

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