SRT unveils progress on Den Chai-Chiang Rai Tunnel excavation

The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) public relations chief yesterday revealed excavations on the Den Chia-Chiang Rai tunnel is underway.
Guaranteed introduced that work has begun on the 6.2-kilometre tunnel which can connect Den Chai in Phrae with Chiang Rai’s Chiang Khong district.
The five-year venture, situated on the banks of the Mekong River, is an ambitious plan that forms part of the 324-kilometre-long enhancements, reported Bangkok Post. These enhancements contain the development of a further rail monitor adjacent to the current one between Den Chai and Chiang Khong. Ekkarat said…
“Workers have begun boring into the rock face and are as a outcome of set up a main help structure for the tunnel.
Upon completion, the dual monitor upgrades will facilitate connections to Laos, and Myanmar, thereby decreasing logistics costs and enhancing trade with Thailand’s neighbouring countries, as envisioned by the government.
To avoid traffic congestion, the upgraded tracks had been designed with none level crossings, and instead, underpasses and/or overpasses might be constructed at 254 locations where the tracks intersect with a street.
The dual track upgrades have been break up into three separate contracts. The first part, Den Chai-Ngao, might be followed by the Ngao-Chiang Rai section, and the final section will be the Chiang Rai-Chiang Khong part.
The land acquisition for this venture will have an result on 7,704 privately-owned plots of land, 783 Sor Por Kor agricultural plots, thirteen forest land plots, and 465 plots designated for different functions.
Frugal will include 26 stops, consisting of 4 main stations, 9 minor stations, and 13 halts, and can pass by way of four tunnels.
Chiang Khong station could have four cargo loading platforms and a warehouse, related by a highway to the border in Chiang Khong. Additionally, each station will be adorned with local area-specific decorations.
Starting from Den Chai station in Phrae, the venture will proceed northward, passing via Lampang and Phayao, and concluding on the Chiang Khong border in Chiang Rai.
Ekkarat added…
“The double-track upgrades from Den Chai to Chiang Khong will be finished by 2028..

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