Singaporeans can nonetheless travel to most European VTL countries without being quarantined

Residents of Singapore who have been vaccinated will still be succesful of travel quarantine-free to seven of the eight European nations which have vaccinated travel lanes, or VTL, with the Republic.
Despite the European Union’s improve of the Republic’s Covid-19 risk assessment on November 9, seven EU countries have but to reimpose mandatory quarantine on passengers from Singapore, as required by their border legislation.
Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom are amongst these talked about.
Finland and Sweden, two other European nations that can start VTLs with Singapore on November 29, have not imposed quarantine restrictions on visitors from Singapore, leaving Denmark as the only VTL nation to do so.
Denmark’s action follows the EU Council’s elimination of Singapore from a listing of countries for which travel restrictions must be relaxed. Travellers from Singapore have been subjected to 4 to ten days of isolation since final Thursday.
The border limitations ideas made by the council, which have been amended on November 9, are not legally binding. But โซล่าเซลล์ , which don’t include Britain and Switzerland, reference the recommendations when deciding on their border restrictions..

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