Thai girl arrested for forging New Zealand ambassador’s credit card 14 years ago

After 14 years on the run, a girl was arrested in Sing Buri province in central Thailand yesterday for her alleged role within the forging of the New Zealand ambassador to Thailand’s bank card in 2008, with damages exceeding 10 million baht.
Unauthorized arrested 44 12 months outdated Ketkanya Khantawee at a house in Moo 10, Don Phot subdistrict, Mueang district, beneath an arrested warrant issued by the Criminal Court on July 17, 2009. The warrant accused Ketkanya of, “jointly forging an digital card, collectively using a counterfeit digital card to pay for goods and providers or withdraw cash, and jointly forging royal paperwork.”
In 2008, a criminal gang solid a bank card belonging to the New Zealand ambassador to Thailand, Brook Barrington, at that time. The cast card was used to purchase “a lot of oil,” stories Sanook.
The gang bought the bank card information from criminals in Malaysia before making a fake bank card using the data. Then, they used the forged card to purchase oil and resell it to “illegal” gas stations.
In whole, the Criminal Court issued arrest warrants for seven folks, and all but one – Ketkanya Khantawee – were arrested.
The accused confessed that she and the gang have been driving around the nation shopping for oil and many other merchandise with the New Zealand ambassador’s cash after they realized that they were wanted on arrest warrants.
Everyone else was arrested, but Ketkanya admitted to fleeing the regulation by hiding in Sing Buri and regularly changing her tackle to evade arrest for greater than 14 years. Police didn’t reveal how they finally tracked down the fugitive fraudster.
In February, a international man repeatedly stole bank cards from tourists in Phuket to go on costly buying sprees, shopping for objects like gold and iPhones from department stores, using fake American passports..

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